Which Of The Following Is Not a Creative Thinking Exercise Entrepreneurs Use To Generate Ideas – 2023


Entrepreneurs are the creators of innovation, always looking for new ways to move their businesses ahead. Creative thinking activities are the foundation of this journey, assisting in idea development, issue resolution, and developing an innovative culture. This article delves into the world of entrepreneurs and their use of creative thinking activities to foster ground-breaking ideas.


1. Always Having An Explanation For The Correct Answer In Business

Entrepreneurs always have to come up with new and different ideas to stay on top of their industry. People entrepreneurs often use different types of creative thinking, and their ideas are often common in business. Generally different from normal thought patterns. They always think in this way to look for any new idea for a business. To throw out old ways of thinking and help them to see and discover new things that can give them a new kind of answers.

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2. Challenging the Ordinary in Business

Entrepreneurs in any business usually think of improving their work, bringing new changes, and identifying opportunities to differentiate their business. They do this by challenging the usual things in their business and coming up with a fresh different idea. So that This tendency to question the normal gives them the ability to break the norms, routines, and perceptions of the current times and come up with a new direction in business.

The process first involves entrepreneurs questioning practices and norms. They critically examine these practices and standards and identify different areas where they can quickly resolve any kind of complexity. They introduce new ideas in the areas they are in, breaking any kind of norms and practices in the process. come under the practices adopted to generate ideas. whether or not

They usually ask us questions like – “Why do we do it this way?” and “Could we have done even better?” Challenging the Ordinary in Business

This is undoubtedly a great way for any entrepreneur to come up with a new and different idea for their business.

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3. Make a Good Idea Map In Business

Mind mapping allows entrepreneurs to organize their ideas well and at the same time look for relationships between them. Entrepreneurs can spark their imagination and develop new ideas in their business by drawing a picture of a problem or idea or writing it in their own good copy. Mind maps in any business allow you to explore and explore ideas in a non-linear way, helping you to think more broadly about your businesses. Sometimes it also leads to the non-linear pursuit of new solutions, ideas, and more. making it clearly a mind map

4. Entrepreneurs Think Backwards in Business

Any entrepreneur has to take back steps to come to terms with the initial pressure to run their business. It also allows them to have a better idea of ​​what they want to achieve in their business and work backward first to figure out what they need to do to get there. Is

This type of visualization allows entrepreneurs to think or imagine things that are still beyond the current circumstances. Whenever they are visualizing their end goal, they can see those obstacles and the obstacles to come. They can also easily challenge what is preventing them from achieving it, sometimes leading to alternative avenues that they had never considered.

Any entrepreneur can easily find out that always thinking backward is the process of allowing entrepreneurs to think out of the box so that the entrepreneur can move forward more easily.

5. Having a Creative Phase In Business

Whenever an entrepreneur is looking for any kind of ideas in his business he always allows himself to come up with an idea without any decision in his business. Do not bring any reason, he should keep his thoughts on the sidelines without any fear.

However, it is common for some entrepreneurs to dismiss their ideas when they are in the premature stage of their business. This stage is all about creatively taking risks and embracing uncertainty. They explore new possibilities in their business cross the boundaries in their business keep crossing different boundaries and think differently from their current situation.

It also allows any entrepreneur to stand well in the market. In this section, they also bring success to their business with innovative solutions.

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6. Having a Level Of Justice In Business

Whenever an entrepreneur collects the feasibility of an idea in any type of business then he is being realistic this is not the stage in which he leaves any type of idea by imagination or passion or just on an idea. Have a variety of parameters that allow them to test these ideas well

To see or test these types of ideas, one has to always look at the demand of the market, assess it based on its need or technical suggestion and thoughtful competition, etc.


To be successful in any type of business you have to develop new ideas. People always use creative thinking but non-creative thinking is another way to develop ideas. By throwing out the old thinking in his business and using new thinking or analog thinking, he can find new ways to solve his problems and come up with a new idea and make it flourish, an entrepreneur needs such an environment. There is a need where the possibility of any kind of idea is welcomed and the entrepreneur needs such an environment where the creative entrepreneur can be encouraged and can develop well.

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